Live Broadcast of Choral Evensong 4:00 pm

In order to be able to view the broadcast full screen, click here to load the viewer. We hope to have the viewer on this page for next week.

This page is for viewing the live broadcast only, generally at 4:00 pm on Sunday afternoon. If you wish to watch Evensong at a later date please go to the Previous Broadcast Page.

Regular viewers will notice some changes in the way the viewer works. We have upgraded our streaming server, and installed a new player which should work with all up-to-date browsers on desktops, laptops, pads and mobile devices. Once the broadcast is live, you should automatically see the programme without having to click on the play button. The only exception to this is smart phones where you always have to “push the play button”.

If you see a message at the top saying “Error loading stream: Manifest not found or invalid” it means that we are not yet broadcasting. (we generally do not make the feed live until about 3:55 when the organ prelude begins). Sadly we’ve not worked out how to make the page automatically refresh itself once we are on the air, so please push your page refresh button at the appropriate time.

The improvements we’ve made to the server mean that it is possible to provide an improved picture quality. We are now broadcasting in full 720p HD. There are also available feeds of Standard Definition and below which should help some of our viewers such as Cameron in Bali, who have limited internet connections. If you are viewing on an Apple computer or tablet, your device will automatically choose the most appropriate signal for your internet connection. If you are on a PC (or using Chrome or Firefox on a Mac) you will see a selector at the bottom of the screen which will enable you to choose the most appropriate stream setting.

In the event of severe weather, there is always the possibility that we cannot maintain our link to the satellite. We normally record the service and if the broadcast is interrupted, we will try to make it available via the “previous broadcast” page as soon as possible.

If you enjoy watching Evensong here on the website, please join with those in the Congregation and use this donate button to contribute your freewill offering.

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